Strip & Re-Sheet

As your roof reaches the end of its lifespan, replacement with minimal disruption is key. Our strip and re-sheet service removes the decayed roofing, replacing it with modern materials while reusing existing support elements. Suitable for a wide range of roof types, including asbestos.

Strip & Re-Sheet Service

Every roof is subject to wear and tear, such as damage from ordinary and extraordinary weather, natural lifespan decay of materials or damage from animals. Stripping off existing roofing materials and re-sheeting allows the owner of a property replace a damaged, decayed or out-of-date roof with modern materials. This will often offer numerous advantages such as improved insulation, better roof safety, and removing asbestos, as well as the obvious advantages of having an effective and well-sealed roof. Re-sheeting is suitable for concrete sheeting, asbestos, felt and metal roofs, as well as other commercial roofing materials.

Asbestos Roofs

Asbestos roofs are prime candidates for strip and re-sheet services. With many asbestos roofs having an expected lifespan of 25-40 years and all having been installed in or before the year 2000, many are beginning to decay. Decaying asbestos can release the lethal fibres into the environment or building interior, so prompt action is essential. Over cladding is typically a cheaper solution, but the key advantage of stripping and re-sheeting is that the asbestos is permanently and entirely removed from your property. Asbestos is a dangerous material and stripping should only be performed by qualified personnel using appropriate safety gear.

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