Structural Decking

A key component of many large-span roofs, structural decking has many uses and is commonly found in buildings from sports halls to warehouses, operas to factory floors. Our expert team offer advise on options as well as installing structural decking on numerous projects.

Structural Decking

Structural decking can be used to strengthen or support a roof during construction as well as being a key part of the final structure. Commonly used on large span roofs, structural decking needs to be tailored to the particular project in question. Structural decking eliminates the need for purlins, meaning that these type of roof is simpler to construct, often cheaper, and tend to offer a wider range of architectural choices. Our expert roofing team offer assistance to architects and building designers as well as installing decking in new builds and renovations.

What's Required

Depending on the situation, decking may be fully internal and invisible, hidden by a false ceiling, or it may be visible internally and/or part of the external roof system. It’s essential to consider these factors when planning the materials, weatherproofing and final coating of the decking. Decking is typically made of galvanised steel, so if it is to be used as an internal ceiling painting is usually required. Acoustic effects should also be considered – perforated decking will dampen sounds, for example, while solid decking can amplify them.

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